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  • The Power of Accessible Compensation Data for Career Growth
    In today’s competitive job market, individuals are increasingly seeking ways to navigate their career paths strategically. One crucial aspect of career progression is understanding compensation, as it plays a significant role in personal growth and job satisfaction. Fortunately, with the advent of technology and online platforms, accessing compensation data has … Read more
  • Blockchain and Total Rewards
    Blockchain technology has been making waves in various industries, and the total rewards field is no exception. Total rewards, which refers to the combination of benefits, compensation, and incentives offered to employees, can greatly benefit from blockchain’s unique features such as transparency, immutability, and security. In this blog post, we’ll … Read more
  • Chat-GPT Post on Rewards & Culture
    As usual, I went with the hype of using Chat-GPT. I asked it to draft me a blog post about total rewards and how it can impact company culture by providing as much data as possible. Here is the unedited answer, hope you enjoy reading: 🙂 Employee compensation and benefits … Read more
  • Exit bonus dilemma
    It would really sound weird if your life partner would propose you a sum of money to leave them, isn’t it? Well, some companies do that to their employees. Linkedin poll I bluntly asked this question to my LinkedIn network and realized that 2 out of 3 people would leave. … Read more
  • Do you know how much any of your colleagues make?
    Well, I could have gone with a title: “Pay Transparency” but this one is probably more catchy.As the inflation soars, cost of living is up through the roof, maybe the cure is in this cultural aspect.It’s quite a “no-no-no” to ask for people’s compensation, even your close friend’s, and in … Read more
  • Flexible Compensation Packages
    I ran a poll recently on Linkedin and asked if people would prefer to have a flexibility in customising their compensation packages. An example would be that the company would provide a total compensation amount, e.g. $ 100,000 and let the employee choose how they would like to split it … Read more
  • Closing the gender pay gap
    I’m passionate about pay equity. I think this started with me being a fan of underdogs. Somehow I relate to them on a personal level or their stories are really touching my heart. When it comes to pay; equity is critical. Relating that instinct to my profession, there comes the … Read more
  • D&I in Rewards
  • Recertified by WorldatWork!
    It’s that time of the year when I had to submit all my activities in the Total Rewards field to get my recertification renewal from WorldatWork. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical to get my recertification approved. Given the pandemic and how it impacted -especially- the social aspect … Read more
  • Tips to ace WFH
    As a strong believer of working from home (WFH) during my career, I observed few habits that would make your life easier during these days. I hope these will be helpful for you. They are based on my experience and nothing is scientifically proven unless data/source provided. Get used to … Read more
  • let’s start again.
    i’m going to try again to revive this blog as i have received a lot of comments about why i don’t write anymore. there’s a good amount of information i shared previously about my area of expertise and i thought it might be a good timing with the pandemic and … Read more
  • Most powerful yet unsung Excel functions for Compensation professionals
    I thought about writing a more technical post but didn’t know where to start from. It could be a nice series of post starting from scratch, however after some googling, I thought it might be more beneficial to write about the unknown and/or unrecognized magic words that saves your time … Read more
  • Not a perfect start…
    Well, this was one of my 2018 resolutions. To revamp and revive my blog with an additional section: starting to blogging about my daily life with the trainings, reviews, race reviews etc. Good thing is, as you realize, I have started it! Bad thing is that I’m sick, relying on … Read more
  • People Analytics and Human Resources
    Nowadays, the fanciest topic in Human Resources field is People Analytics. The word “People” comes from the area of Human Resources and the word “Analytics” from Statistics, specifically Predictive Analysis. The evolution of decision-making in HR is now on the verge of shifting from reactive to a proactive position. The main … Read more
  • Working under Stress?
    It’s been so long since the latest blog post but I’m sure you can excuse me if you ever have an idea of the “Rewards peak season”. It’s going off, so expect more activity here! Back to what title says – if you think you’re under pressure at work, please … Read more
  • Is this the end of Merit Pay increase?
    It’s been awhile that I couldn’t spend time on my blog, but after reading this month’s WorldatWork Journal, I wanted to share some thoughts regarding the merit pay. I feel that it’s a good timing to question merit increases hence it’s the time for pay reviews here in Dubai. As per … Read more
  • What should you expect from your C&B colleague?
    It’s nice to see that nobody’s knocking on others’ doors in the festive season; so many people are having very relaxed time at the end of the year. In Middle East, the general practice is that short-term incentive payout and the salary reviews are generally done in the first quarter … Read more
  • Infographic: Inflation Rates of the Last Decade
    One of the most important economic factors that Compensation & Benefits professionals usually take into consideration is the inflation rate in their country and/or region. Since some time, I have gathered quite a significant amount of data from various survey providers and economic research reports and summarized the outcome in a … Read more
  • Should the C&B professionals be certified?
        I’m really delighted to see my score on my last required exam to be certified as CCP (Certified Compensation Professional) by the renowned and reputable organization WorldatWork.  This is my second certification – the previous one was GRP (Global Remuneration Professional) – and I admit that it really … Read more
  • The main bridge between HR and Finance is C&B
    All organizations in modern business world are trying to bring Human Resources and Finance closer as a main result of cost efficiency or profit maximization. As HR costs rise day by day and the war for talent is pushing really hard on organizations to reduce such costs; both departments’ professional … Read more
  • Split Pay Dilemma
    First I have a question: What comes first? Business, right? …and I answer: Yes, 99% it is. Split pay is a method a business may use to pay its employees who are on international assignments. Split pay is generally used in Global Mobility, where you can protect the employee from the effects … Read more
  • Expectations vs. Reality: Rewards and Recognition
    Being a Total Rewards Specialist is not easy. I’m going to admit that. The day I became a Compensation & Benefits professional, my manager tried to manage my expectations from the role I took with one sentence: “From this day on, you’re going to be the second most hated guy … Read more
  • Why are Salary Structures in Middle East Differentiated by the Nationality?
    The first thing I heard when I came to Dubai was that some organizations have multiple salary structures. I was amazed by this! I thought that “Whoa, they are really advanced in segregating job groups or different business lines for the respective market!” That was not the case. The segregation … Read more
  • 5 Tips for C&B Professionals to be successful in Middle East
    First of all, it’s a great pleasure to start sharing my thoughts with this great community of LinkedIn. This will be my first post after all so I count on you to bear with me. As a C&B Specialist in Middle East and after working almost two years in this … Read more
  • Hello World!
    You must have heard the very famous “Hello World!” echo, if you have a little “geek” part inside you. It’s the first code you write which ever language you use for programming. So; this is the beginning. I’m going to write about HR concentrationg on Rewards. Plus, some stuff that … Read more